A downloadable game for Windows

Submission of Feel Good Incorporation for the Ludume Dare 41. We were two on the project.

Hope you enjoy guys !

You play a machinist on a Zepplin called the BlowScape which is trying to a escape some... some bad guys.

All component of the BlowScape works with coal. You need to charge every component with coal to make them work.
You can also upgrade component to work faster or to be better.

Your objective is to make the best score.

PS : The Engine is usefull

Install instructions

Maybe that Windows will not love the executable but don't worry, it's safe


BlowScape 0.7.zip 3 MB


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its interesting in the beginning of the game, its hype, its super and its frustating but after a while with every upgrade finished, it become repetitive. add more stuff, upgrade and especially the background. its really flat with the same background for 20 minutes. its my first gameplay here, hope it help for development :D